Wedding Planner...Wedding Coordinator...Wedding Consultant: these are three titles most frequently used by Wedding Professionals, each defining a very specific skill-set and focus. At TIWC, I seamlessly incorporate all three functions into my role as your Wedding Designer.

Susan H. Moran

Owner &
Principal Wedding Designer

Hailing from my hometown of Dallas, Texas then living on the Texas-Mexico Border for 27 years in 2003, I happily transplanted to Harrisburg. In 2008, I proudly launched “V & M wedding Concepts, LLC.” As a result of increasing demand, resounding success and extraordinary growth both in the Wedding Industry as well as with V & M, rebranding my company was a natural outcome. So...in 2010...”That's It! Wedding Concepts, LLC (TIWC)” was born!

TIWC is a dynamic Award-Winning Full Service Wedding Planning and Production Boutique Company where an array of customized Levels of Service are offered. We are continually recognized as a leader and innovator in the Wedding Industry. At TIWC, we consistently exceed our Clients' expectations while routinely surpassing best practices and standards in our field.

It continues to be my privilege to work with the most exceptional Clients imaginable in helping them turn their Wedding Dreams into exquisite reality! It has also been my privilege to establish and maintain strong professional relationships with the finest Wedding Venues and Wedding Vendors in Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and limitless destinations worldwide wherever your Wedding Vision takes you!

Here at TIWC, we very much look forward to continuing this tradition of unparalleled excellence for you! Remember, with TIWC, it is always...

Your Wedding ~ Your Way!