Barbie Doll Wedding

As you explore my website, you'll learn a little about who I am, how I work with my clients in capturing and interpreting their voice and style, and which Levels of Service I offer. That's all necessary and important information, but what you really need to know is why I do what I do…why I founded That's it! Wedding Inspiration!

Since I was a very little girl, all things “Bride” and “Wedding” have fascinated me! How many of you, at age 5, were actually a “Bride” for Halloween!?! The absolute first Wedding I ever designed was in age 11...for my Barbie Dolls! TIWC is, in all ways, a dream come true for me! To be able to have a career doing what I love is beyond fantastic!

What a delight it is to be a small part of your Big Day such a special time for all of my Clients and their families! Together, we enjoy a stress-free and wonderfully productive Planning Process so that your Wedding Day truly is your “Best Day Ever!” It is my pleasure to be your resource, advocate, support, friend, and your "Nuptial Engineer" as well as a wee bit of a “Fairy Godmother!” I plan and design Weddings every'll do this just once as you prepare to have…

Your Wedding ~ Your Way!