Dream Weddings
Achieving Your Perfect Day

Winter 2012

By Susan Moran

Reprinted with the kind permission of Dream Weddings Magazine

IN TODAY'S WORLD, THE VAST MAJORITY OF BRIDES and grooms have demanding full-time careers, making free time a precious commodity. Add a wedding - on average, 200-plus hours go into their planning and staging - and a bride will panic at the daunting task that awaits her. If you find yourself in such a position, you might want to consider the services of a wedding professional to make the process - and your big day - efficient, creative and stress-free.

Dream Weddings

After getting to know the engaged couple and their families - and their wedding hopes and dreams - a wedding' professional tailors his or her services to best suit the very specific and unique needs of his or her clients, We will listen and help discover the "who" that you are as individuals and as a couple and how you wish this to be reflected, Your priorities - both what you want included and what you want to be eliminated - will be heard and honored, Essentially, a wedding professional serves as your guide, resource, advocate, support and sounding board, We are a wee bit of a fairy godmother. Ultimately, we're a friend, We will guide you throug'h the necessary process in bring'ing' your wedding' vision to reality, addressing the questions of how, what and when in a rational and productive order and carrying them out in a timely, organized and comprehensive manner. Every necessary element will be covered and nothing will be forgotten.

This same expertise enables a wedding professional to assist you in creating and maintaining a responsible and realistic budget. We are familiar with the current and fair rates within the industry and will ultimately guide you in the wisest and most efficient allocation of your wedding dollars, A professional's expertise and knowledge actually saves time, as he or she knows how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

Dream Weddings

Selecting vendors is critical to the success of your wedding and a wedding professional will help you to understand the qualities you should seek in these experts as you make your choices. You will be given options, yet be kept on task while you assemble a unified and enthusiastic 'dream team" for your big day, Securing the services of a wedding professional will ensure that all the details will be pulled tog'ether and all of the events scheduled for your wedding' day will be broug'ht tog'ether in perfect order and sequence. And, believe it or not, you will have an incredible amount of fun during' this entire journey! Count on it!

SUSAN H. MORAN is the owner of That's It! Wedding' Concepts, based in Mechanicsburg.

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