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Don't Invite Problems;
Guests, Hosts Need to
Mind Their Manners

February 15, 2015

By Kimberly Marselas

Reprinted with the kind permission of LNP

Weddings are no place for poor etiquette. Just because an affair is less formal, that doesn't mean guests shouldn't be on their best behavior says Susan Moran, founder of Harrisburg-based That's It! Wedding Concepts.

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Moran will offer advice to brides at Susquehanna Style's Style Insider brunch and fashion show March 22, at Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown.

"The warmth and the congeniality I see from most guests is very, very special," says Moran. "I think people still have a soft spot for weddings."

Still, here are a few gentle reminders:

— Put your camera away, unless the happy couple invites you to Instagram the event with them.

— Put your camera away, unless the happy couple invites you to Instagram the event with them. Many of Moran's brides have added language to their programs asking guests to turn off all cellphones and reminding them that they've paid for a professional photographer. Couples who want your photos can create a private social media page and select the pictures they want to share later.

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— Don't overindulge. Even with more couples providing transportation for guests who opt to drink, overdoing it remains a problem. Remember that an open bar isn't a free-for-all, Moran says.

— Give a gift that suits the couple and your budget. There's no right amount to spend. Moran suggests couples register at at least two stores but acknowledges more are registering for honeymoons (a special meal or a swim with dolphins at ) or real estate projects (cash for a down payment or a renovated bathroom at

And, yes, it's still tacky to list registries on an invitation, but it's OK to mention them on a wedding website.

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